Vald Hot Scene – To Trust an Incubus (TTAI)

Vald is a leader, he came in peace, and had me coming in pieces! I’ll be getting playing the demo for now and will get the full game soon as I have a LOT on my plate. You can view an old post I made reviewing the game. I played through the Harsi Route of TTAI and it was lovely! Also to note, this alien compulsion thing makes me question how much of it is hypnotism and coercion since alien psychic powers tend to go there. But to be honest, with a schlong that long, I’d be easily persuaded too. What about you guys? Vald looks like he has a mighty meat stick. Would you choke on it? Ride it? Stretch yourself on it? Spitroast it? Come check out what I’m talking about in the vid below! Check out the devs and their game on itchio and Steam! What are your thoughts on Vald? Is he too hot to handle? Let us know in the comments!