To Trust an Incubus Demo Uncensored | First Impressions

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To Trust an Incubus Demo Uncensored | First Impressions

Welcome to TheCaliMack’s Let’s Plays! Today we’re discussing the growing popularity of the Yaoi Press Game To Trust an Incubus, a sci-fi bara romance visual novel.

YaoiPress Games had a To Trust an Incubus demo released alongside their kickstarter. And if you aren’t aware, it was a huge success!

The To Trust an Incubus Demo was plenty lengthy, but it left me a bit… well, troubled. Controls were inconsistent with three different computers, though that may just be my outdated hardware. But I’ll let that slide in this review.

For this review, I will tear it apart in a 5-star system based on story, art, and gameplay.

Also, below is the censored (and uncensored) version of my playthrough. So you can witness it first-hand.

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Story had an interesting premise that I should not have connected to so readily. You play as Kenta, a college graduate without a proper career path. he wound up as a temp agent for a research facility housing a special breed of aliens dubbed incubi. Each incubus has a telepathic, empathic ability over the player.

The story itself is enough to keep readers interested.

… Well, it had me hooked.


Everybody has unrealsitically hot bodies. I understand that the aliens do, but the main character’s body fat percentage is drastically to rival them. Then he has the gall to call himself… well, I forgot the exact words but it was close to the sex scene.

I don’t know, It’s nice to masturbate to but, for me, that usually affects my ability to connect to a character.

But then again, I can barely draw shit half the time. And you got the point across: this is porn.

Mechanics and Gameplay

From what I know so far, this game presents the typical Renpy outlet, so basic functions. I’m not sure how porting happened that it affected my controls in a wonky way but, again, I’ll let that slide.

I’d hate to nitpick but the grammar could use some work, just saying. I ran across a few errors (some when the audio was busted) and commented on how I wish the company would get me as an editor. Just putting it out there! I’m a broke college (soon-to-be) graduate. 8wink wink, nudge nudge*

Playing through Harsi was MMMMMMMM! Delicious!
It was just hard (hahaha) to do it in front of all my friends at the Makers club. (It’s essentially my office, only NSFW is allowed to an extent)


Love Letter to the Devs

I love the game enough, haha! No worries! The story is my favorite bit, compelling. But the writing and grammatical errors, though? Maybe some tweaking. Please make me an editor. I’m like Kenta, only I don’t have a temp agency and I’m volunteering to edit the game’s lines for you.

But really, this game is worth looking into, for the sex scenes if not the story. The art is stunning for each alien (demon) and the story, getting past the grammar, is pretty good.

It just needs more polish. As a demo, I can understand that. And I will eagerly save up for this boatload of jizz fest.

What? You want to see the nasty? Uncensored Let’s Plays are below. Enjoy.


Uncensored To Trust an Incubus Demo Playthrough

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