About Us

About Us

TheCaliMack is a gay games Youtuber that covers LGBT Gaming. Because Youtube can be a prig when it comes to monetization, this website was made to host the more ‘unsavory’ content outside its borders. This site is kept running by the illustrous Kenta Space.

So you will find here sometimes the uncensored collection of videos that you would normally see linked to on his Youtube channel. This is by no means an adult website, however. This is just a place to share, unfiltered. If you’d like to support us, consider disabling your ad blocker and watching our work.

Also consider donating via Paypal or Ko-Fi. Or support us via Patreon! Just one dollar can help with so much, guys!

You can view videos from our channel straight from the site, too!

We’re over at Youtube at http://youtube.com/c/TheCaliMack