Lenga UNDUCKED | Full Service Game Demo


Lenga Unducked is a special route in the new Full Service Demo. So, Full Service Game has had an update last August 2018 (or earlier, I can’t figure it out) that allows kickstarter backers an updated demo version. As a kickstarter backer, I decided to have a gander at it, myself! I was pleasantly surprised to find an extension to the regular routes. Along with the updates is a new character choice: Lenga. Not a major route but likely a side route, a detour.

This let me play and explore the Lenga route and small features upcoming in the game.

But back to Lenga. I personally think his name is an homage to the lingam massage technique, despite his practice being acupuncture. Regardless, he sure knows how to GET PENETRATED HEY HEY!

Don’t believe me? Watch it Unducked!

Lenga is quite the hottie, and the demo implies a stranger backstory than the naughty little elephant friend we make. I’m curious where it goes, but I can tell you, it’s gonna be SO GOOD.

Also, it turns out he’s a power bottom. Perfect. I need more dominant power bottoms like him. He’s the meal ticket. Mm!

What do you think of Lenga? Like to see more bottoms on Full Service? Lenga also seems to be the one that caused an uproar with Mazjojo shifting styles a bit, but what are your thoughts? Share it in the comments below! Want to see more? Consider being a Patron at Patreon! Be a premium Macky Roll and get the unducked versions first-hand! It helps us stay running. As always, California Macky will be coming back for more. Also remember to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. It helps us get the viewership we need. 😉
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