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Now as some of you may know, Full Service Game by Herculion and Mazjojo Productions is coming soon. For those of you that don’t know, this is a Bara BL Yaoi dating simulator wherein you date masseurs. So you know it gets steamy in the sauna. If you need a better idea, check out my review of the demo!

But a lot of people on my channel have asked “how to download Full Service demo” multiple times! Well, it’s simple!

It’s at their website.

I’m serious. A visit to yields the site wherein they distribute the game demo and link all their social media. So all your questions can be answered there. To get the game, you can see respective buttons for different operating systems. Just pick one out and the download should commence.

Download Full Service for Windows:

The game is run using the Renpy engine, so getting the demo is as simple as downloading the zip file and extracting the contents. Then run the .exe file and you’re good to go.

Download Full Service for Android:

You can download the game as a third-party app for android. So get it in your computer or mobile. if it is in a zip file, extract it as you would a regular zip file. With the apk, you have to Enable App Installation from Unknown Sources. To do this, Just go to your Apps Settings and Enable App Installation. If you are still unsure how to do this, just google it. There are many ways people online who show how to install third-party apps.

From there, just navigate to the apk file for Full Service and Install. You should be good to go.

Download Full Service for MAC and Apple iOS:

This one is trickier to explain since I do not own an iOS system. But just download and runa s you would any game you get for iOS systems. This only applies for PC’s but I do not know if it works the same way for mobile devices, since those are more restrictive. So for now, just run it on your desktop or laptop iOS. It should do fine.

Customer Support?

For any concerns, just contact Full Service Game on twitter and Facebook. Mazjojo can also entertain some questions for you guys, if you need assistance. Just stop asking me because I was just a guy who played the game and flirted with the devs. I’m innocent (relatively speaking).

detox had it officially

AS you can see, it does not take much to download Full Service Demo. Anyways, I hope this guide works out for you and I’ll be seeing you all in the next one. Bye for now!

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