Full Service Game DEMO | Uncensored Review

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Full Service Game DEMO | Uncensored Review

The Full Service Game DEMO Review!

The Full Service Game Demo has a lot of hype behind it. Produced by Herculion and Mazjojo Productions, the game boasts a wide world to explore and a large cast of characters. But is it worth the hype?

Its latest iteration, demo version 1.8.3, shows a lot of promise. This will be the last demo as they push for the game’s full release, but despite that, it shows off the potential content you can expect from the game.

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Full Service Game Demo Let’s Play” playlist_yt=”jL6mtGH2neQ,xhzg5-qWwv8″ playlist_auto_play=”0″]

Uncensored Let’s Play at the bottom of the page.

Graphics (Art Style and UI)

The art style and UI of the game is all if not mostly done by Mazjojo, so the game has had a consistent art style. What’s even more amazing, however, is how cohesive it all is to the backgrounds and the UI. Everything from the interface to the background and text was carefully curated and made by Mazjojo, and so it all comes together nicely.

Also, the guys are hot. Hot springs hot. Like volcanic. I could probably masturbate to them all day if I had enough mani to spare.

Story and Writing

The demo shows off the first few moments of the game and already it offers you a wide array of choices. The responses, interactions, and dialogue are so organic that it hardly feels like a cheap knock-off or a quick cash grab. (It better be, my associate and I paid $100 at the kickstarter). And the fact that you can explore the environment in the full build means that the story is more diverse and complex, letting you play how you want. Which leads me to my next point…


Gameplay is typical of Visual Novels in the Renpy engines: choices. Lots and lots of dialogue choices. But aside from this, a look at their overworld map provides a sneak peak at all the places you can go to, adding flavor to the choices, which is the important part. I do not know how this will be incorporated but I am excited over the possibilities. Not only that, but dialogue options will reward you with interactions and scenes, as evidenced between the difference of my Live Let’s Play at Blush Con last February 2018 and in my Youtube series (that masturbation scene was not there before).

Voice Acting and Sound Design

Voice acting was said to be included in the game but has not been incorporated yet. However, the music and the sound design from the demo is balanced enough to not be grating. A custom soundtrack helps make it fit into the scenery of the game. I have to give props for that.

Uncensored Let’s Play

And if you don’t like the ducks, here is the uncensored let’s plays. I will update this section as I go through all the routes in the demo.

Final Verdict

This game is a must-have for any fujoshi and fudanshi. And if you just want a gay boy romance, you get it here. Nothing like muscular men offering you extra special service for your tired body (and heart!) So get the Full Service Game Demo and look forward to the relase this August 2018!

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