My Gay Short Stories for #Pride 2018

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Let’s Celebrate the Middle of Pride with My Gay Short Stories!

If you guys are not aware yet, I’m an avid writer and would like to publish someday, but haven’t really learned how to do so. In the meantime, I made my gay short stories. I wrote these short stories for myself and for others as a way of expression. I had to go into hiatus last year due to thesis, but now that I am entering a new stage of my life, I felt it was prudent to share some of my old works.

For some of you, I could be found at, a site where gay-themed works are written and posted (not anime-themed, totally original works. But you can imagine, right?). Think Wattpad but less childish and more mature.

There are plenty of Young Adult stories there but the selection is amazing. Enough to rival my favorite site for short stories (though fanfics) Archive of Our Own. But as you may know, I have some written works there that I would like to share with all of you. I would not call myself a genius but I think I did some pretty good written works here.

My gay short stories will hopefully be part of a larger collection soon, so that it can bring about a sense of togetherness for the readers. So I hope you all enjoy these works as I will polish them further for everyone’s entertainment.

“Can’t A Guy Visit a Friend?” by thecalimack

Miguel comes to visit his friend Tristan, but notices something is amiss when the man opens his door to him.

Intuition has never failed him before, but it never prepared him for what he’d see.

Story link:

Category: Drama, Fiction

WARNING: Mentions of Suicide

This story was made to make people cry. There have been comments of people crying because of this work. I strongly encourage you guys to come check it out if you can handle a near-death experience. The story is touching.

“Photos” by thecalimack

A man finds himself alone in his room, with photos taunting him. Taunting, with no need for words.

Story link:

Category: Horror, Fiction

WARNING: Mentions of Suicide

Made as an antithesis to Can’t A Guy Visit A Friend, this story counters the jovial mood of its predecessor. Take heed of the warnings: the writing, despite the lack of gore, can be visceral. people were wrecked over this one, too, for some reason. But it’s not a totally despaired ending. Just, really sad.

“errorlog.txt” by thecalimack

Story link:

Category: Horror, Fiction

WARNING: Character Death, Hate Crime

This work was an experiment to tackle a different format of story telling, relying on the form of the narrative to deliver a sense of unease. The start might throw you off but you will get a greater sense of it in the later chapters. It’s a fairly quick read, all things considered. So give it a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

“Persistent” by thecalimack

Story link:

WARNING: Character Death

This was one of my first works to dabble into forgiveness and catharsis. Not as good as the preceding works on this list but leaves you feeling rather hopeful as a result. Don’t let the warning deter you, it is not a graphic death as the focus is on the survivor.


As a Final Note…

I hope you all give each story a chance. My gay short stories were made as a way to express myself while in a restrictive household. I don’t know how you will react to them but I know I poured my soul out into these works. There are a couple of more but I’ll leave them as something to look forward to.

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