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Too lazy to watch the video? Just read on!

I just want to get this out of the way. So a couple of weeks ago, I had a COmmunity Strike Scare from Youtube because a jerk decided to flag my content. Which sucks.

community strike scare 01

But after an appeal, Youtube was nice enough to remove the strike and just put my video on Age-Restricted. As nice as it is to have the video back, having it hidden from majority of viewers and not earning from it is a total downer.

community strike scare 02

So I’m worried my other videos will be affected in the same way. I’m still, I’m still trying to figure this out and the notion of a mistake ending me terrifies me. I wanted to make my hobby a business but not if it will choke me all the time with these guidelines. The website helps but it just does not generate as much revenue to make this career more stable for me. A Youtube Community Strike basically endangers your channel and marks you under Youtube’s radar for deletion when you hit three of the same strikes. Or any strikes. It’s a dark area I’d rather not go to because of all the time and energy I invested on this platform and this channel.

So yes, because of this Community Strike Scare, I’ve become paranoid. This is a living that I want to continue.

So what will you do about the Community Strike Scare?

I’m glad you asked that! There will be a few changes. There will be disclaimers in each video, there will be alternate upload and video viewing options, there will be more ducks or more censorship. I’m planning everything out, even a new channel. I’ll let you know when those come out. So for now, I thank you all for your support. You guys have shown me so much love and kindness I could kiss you all. But some of you might have Herpes. or maybe I do. I dunno. I need to get checked.

My videos will be delayed for now as Youtube is forcing me to release some more family-friendly content. Well, imma just go Jackseptic on their arses and get European. Like, seriously, ho studiato italiano per tre anni.

This Youtube Community Strike scared me but I’m not giving up. I’ll try to deliver entertainment for all of you. I will even try alternate methods such as posting here. And doing vlogs at Pornhub. I’m a very crafty person; I’m sure I can come up with something substantial.

In the emantime, you guys can support me on Ko-Fi, on Patreon, or can donate at Paypal directly. BUT ONLY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD.

For now, sit tight for any announcements and subscribe to my Facebook and my Twitter for any updates. As always, California Macky here, signing out.

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