Yoshinori’s Turn for Love! | Camp Buddy Scoutmaster Season Let’s Play

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Time for romance to once again hit camp!

Camp Buddy Scoutmaster Season is a spin-off of the original Camp Buddy. With Camp Buddy Scoutmaster Season, we continue where we left off with the Camp Buddy Summer Camp entering the autumn season, and following now the head scoutmaster Yoshinori as they set up the camp and explore what to do moving forward. Keitaro practically banged the camp to working condition, now it’s Yoshinori’s turn to make sure the hog keeps cranking! Things get extra spicy as Aiden and Goro get cheeky with him, and the new staff and scoutmasters seem to be smoking hot as well šŸ„µ

Wanna get the game? You can now get this game on Android! Or stick with the animated scenes with PC or with Mac. You can even pick up the bundle for the original game and the spin-off for a discount! But the questrion remains:Ā WHOSE ROUTE DO I GO FOR?!Ā Goro and AIden have both come a logn way and picking ONLY ONE FEELS SO WRONG. EUNGH!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


This game is hitting all the right spots for me and I’m excited with their updates! Everything feels like a step up! from performance to sound design to even the art and aniamtions! NO HOLDS BARRED. They’ve got me in a chokehold with their meaty sausages!


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