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Am I… a Monster Banger now?

Welcome one, and welcome all, to the Monster Fucker dating sim of epic bara proportions! Dear Monster is a game being made by YPressGames and the art is quite familiar, as you can see. My friend Haru pointed me to the Kickstarter they’re running and I opted to get a demo!

This was a ton of fun to cover. There are a few things that caught my eye when I decided to jump into the demo:

Controls and UI/UX

The controls are in typical renpy fashion with the generous option to hide the UI to admire the art.

Art Style

Recognize the art style? the illustrous jouvru  is behind the art of the game, and with his experience with some of the handsome vtubers like Kite Hasegawa, it’s not hard to imagine how well the characters were designed. It’s eye-candy at its finest. My personal favorite design is Momo, with Faeryn a close second. Their designs just embody their inspired mythical creatures so well, and honestly, I’m quite a sucker for their personalities. And honestly, I hope they mating press me until I nut so hard, I evaporate into ATOMS.


I have never encountered animation this fluid; I’m surprised the Renpy Engine supported live2D now; so I was more than happy to see everything breathing, moving, and writhing. I’m excited to see how they implement them in different scenes (if you catch my drift). 😈

And honestly, I hope they mating press me until I nut so hard, I evaporate into ATOMS.

SFW Youtube Version

UNDUCKED (NSFW, Uncensored) Version

Final Thoughts

I nutted a few times to this and there’s enough mystery in the demo to keep me invested. personally, I would donate to their kickstarter, so please support the game! You can jump straight to their kickstarter or their itchio in the respective links

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