Need a Camp Buddy Unducked Masterlist? Here it is! Camp Buddy, a game by BLits Games, is now available. And I will update this post as more and more episodes will be made for the game. I will post videos here chronologically so don’t expect to find your favorite route right off the bat, but I will try to segregate them as much as possible.

The game is about Keitaro as he enjoys his summer vacation at a summer scout camping trip. By some of the creators of Bacchikoi, Mikkoukun and Zamius worked with Blits Games to make this project possible. If you want to support the game, purchase it via their website.

Yoichi Route

Episode 1

Episode 2


We’ll work on updating the website with more content simultaneously with Youtube, so I hope you bear with us. In the meantime, enjoy the show!

If you want the game, you can buy it at Blits Games’ website


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