Straight?! Visual Novel Masterlist

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Hi there, everyone! As you may have noticed, I recently started playing Straight?!, the visual novel. I like to track and document my progress chronologically, and preferably without censors, so I’ve made a masterlist here.

Expect the Unducked, and Uncensored content to be shown here along with the ducked versions on Youtube. THey keep demonetizing my work so I may as well go hard here haha.

I also try to compile it on P-Hub so you can find me there as the model TheCaliMack.

Straight?! v0.18 Demo Part 01

Straight?! v0.18 Demo Part 02

Let me know if you find trouble using the videos! I’ll resolve them as soon as I can. I’m usually available on Twitter.

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  1. Sherise

    The game is so cool!

    • TheCaliMack

      Gonna work on it this month since I came from a hiatus not too long ago 😁

  2. Luke

    wow wheres part 3

    • TheCaliMack

      I’ll work on it this month since I came from a hiatus not too long ago 😁


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