Why I Disappeared for 3 Months | Hiatus Explained

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For context, I decided to go on hiatus some months ago. And for 3 months I was practically unresponsive. So, time for the wild explanation; but if you prefer video format, I have it here:

To summarize…

Now, for the simple side of it: I pretty much believe in Christ,a nd that relationship in itself is a complex turmoil. But my uncle had this epiphany or revelation that this year may be the year the rapture happens, and he firmly believes knowing the date is important, ‘as per scripture’. That said, doomsday mindfuck, if I had to compress the idea. Needless to say, the two days that they estimated ended up being duds so we’re still here.

It was because of my fear for the event above that I tried my best to purge myself, and violently, and it was clear that was more futile in a sense. But it took a near-violent prayer to settle down and realize God’s love for me, and that gave me the most unnerving peace I ever felt.

That aside, now that the two dates estimated have passed, we’re a bit in a financial mess so I need to try resolving that. So I’ve been considering re-starting my Patreon.

So this video was quite the emotional mess, but not as bad as my usual self haha.

And yeah, a lot happened the past few days, including a newfound love for VRChat. So that’s a thing. I found a community that encouraged me to get back into it, too, creating videos. And I’d been miserable for so many months so I’m looking forward to doing videos again. Whether I do Patreon again is still a mixed bag for me, so please be patient in that front.

I’m mostly going to play this by ear but I’ll try to revive the regular functions we have for the website and on discord and Youtube. I appreciate your love for all this time.

For however long I may be here, Glad to see you guys again, and glad to be back. ?

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