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It is with heart and heavier member that I will make full versions of my content exclusively on Patreon, my website, and Pornhub. Despite my best attempts at censoring content to the level where other creators of similar content flourish, I have been consistently been pressured by the YT Partner Program to be more and more “child-friendly” (COPPA be damned).

So I am here to let you guys know, if you have missed my many previous vlogs, that I will be moving my main material to my website and Pornhub. I will still post here on my YT Channel, but all-in-all, expect juicy bits outside of YT. It may seem unfair, but our hands are tied.

This thing with Youtube is just too hard to fight now. So I will just do what I can circling their rules. it’s what I do best, after all.

Which series will be moved? Full Service Game, Camp Buddy, and To Trust an incubus,a s well as other sexually-explicit material. I’m doing the uploads now, and will release the videos chronologically so viewers and followers will have a chance to re-live the shows.

I will miss the majority of my community interacting with me on YT, but my website is there for a reason and you can opt to visit me there. Or chat me up at Patreon. I welcome both, I welcome all, and I am here to suck anime boy dicks. Rest assured that my ho ass will ride cocks until the day I get pregnant from all the anime jizz I shall consume.

Again, I am not quitting Youtube. Just expect the good bits to be OUTSIDE of YT.

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