Devil May Cry 5 Masterlist

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Devil May Cry 5 Masterlist for your viewing pleasure!

Devil May Cry is a series I have a guilty pleasure of. I fell in love with DMC3 Dante for the first time, and I played the rest of the series since, over other friend’s systems if not my own. There was a lot to love: the action, the dialogue, the personality, it was all perfect for me.

So I may be biased towards the fifth game in the official series. But let me tell you one thing I love the most about it: the OPTIMIZATION!

It can run on potato laptops with ease. And with my fairly decent set-up, I can finally play this game and enjoy some of the juicy mods people made. For Youtube, I settled for shirtless Dante and Shirtless Nero. But I’ll also be conducting a special exclusive soon: nude mod run. So let’s finish this run for now and then we’ll get saucy.

For now, enjoy me going through the game in its glory. While I THIRST HEAVILY for EVERY HUNK AND STUD ON-SCREEN.

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Prologue and Mission 01

Mission 02

Mission 03

Mission 04

Mission 05

Mission 06 and Mission 07

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