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Become a Master Chef for Colonel-Senpai!

I had a gander at the KFC dating sim I Love You, Colonel Sanders, a short visual novel focused on wooing our finger-lickin’ good chef Colonel Sanders. He’s been adapted to be a major hunk in the series, and the entire premise is ridiculous but fun.

It’s a well-functioning game that was solely promotional, going as far as to be free on Steam. Speaking of, you could get the game for yourself to experience.

As a gay man, I was all over the handsome Colonel. Check me out below and see what shenanigans I wound up in. It’s actually a functional, decent game.

Part 1

Part 2 (Final)

It could use some more voiceovers, but having key voice lines for different emotions saved up on the space as well as the coordination needed. It’s okay, in my book.

Art is pretty amazing. Dedicated to homage some popular animes such as Shokugeki no Souma and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The writing is purely just for fits and giggles so don’t expect something deep. Animation is pretty impressive, too.

The UI for saving isn’t something I was too keen on, however. There are only checkpoints throughout the campaign, no manual saves. So restarting to a single point can be irritating if you end up at one of the game’s sparse end screens.


All in all, worth a look, if I must say.

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