Building My Harem of Husbands | Sims 4

by May 30, 2020Bara, Entertainment, Gaming, Let's Play, Yaoi

Enjoying debauchery with Sims 4!

Ever wondered how far mods went? Well, think no further. With the Wicked Whims Mod, we can engage in acts of debauchery never before known!

Wicked Whims is a mod that adds new sex functions to the game, from birth control to sex and masturbation. It’s an explorative mod with a dedicated community, and with animation and textures to throw into our journey to debauchery.

For our series, we’ll be building a dungeon to keep our bachelors, engage in various forms of depravity, and build a home built on lust.

 Episode 1

Episode 2 UNDUCKED

Episode 3 UNDUCKED

***Apologies for the Episode 3 quality. Due to the issues of the pandemic causing reduced workforce and thus subpar maintenance, power outage forced me to push my schedule back and rush this one. I’ll have a more direct work stream now that power has been returned. (2020/05/19)

Episode 4

Episode 5 UNDUCKED

Another fun mod is the Prostitution mod by Sacrificial Mods! Their website has a good chunk of fun mods that spice up your game to the extreme! You should be able to install them without much issue, barring Sims 4 version running at the moment.

We’re putting up the Unducked on this page. But if you want to get the videos early, join my Patreon!

We’ll try to do this as often as possible. With the recent Community Quarantine (as of April 2020), I have to be discreet around family.

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