Uncensored Bacchikoi Playlist Master List

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Bacchikoi Playlist?! Uncensored?!

You read that right! So this is going to be brute force, but I’ve made a compilation of my Bacchikoi playlist (including the uncensored Ichiru Route for when it is available).

Bacchikoi is a dating sim by Black Monkey Pro, a disbanded video game developer team. So any legal release of the game is almost non-existent. But there are less savory ways to get the game.

But what is Bacchikoi about?

Bacchikoi is about a kid who enters a new school and joins the baseball team. (Note: All characters are allegedly 18). The game follows the romance of Toshu as he tries to suck eggplants of Masaru or Ichiru.

Can I have my Bacchikoi playlist now?

Yes. Here you go. Videos are embedded via MEGA.NZ

Masaru Route

The Masaru Route raw files were lost so no uncensored version of the Let’s Play exists (yet). I will be doing an Unducked Masaru Route soon for all of you loyal fans.

Ichiru Route

Now here is the route with uncensored goodies! Remember, the openload videos are the uncensored ones. They might be smaller but there is a full-screen option

Masaru Route UNDUCKED

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