To Trust an Incubus – Full Release Gameplay UNDUCKED

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To Trust an Incubus: A Game About Sexy Aliens

To Trust an Incubus is a game by ypressgames and had a demo I covered a while back. Now I had the time to buy the game and will commit to running through it for your viewing pleasure (including the smutty scenes). YPress Games has a number of other games in the works already but I’m a sucker for sci-fi. So in this yaoi dating sim, we will be doing a blind let’s play.

Some noteable differences from the demo is that IT NOW HAS VOICE-ACTING. And that error I used to get (though that may be from changing my hardware) is gone now, so I can rank this game in its entirety!


So far, I am enjoying the series as I find so many things that has blown my mind in one day. Enjoy me fangirling and losing it!


I’ll update this page with the upcoming episodes, so come by here for sexy alien porn.

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