Coming Out on Top – Terry Route UNDUCKED UNCENSORED

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Coming Out on Top Terry Route UNDUCKED

Hello everyone and welcome to Coming Out on Top: Terry Route UNDUCKED! We’re glad to present this route to you unducked, unedited, and uncensored! This is all thanks to the Patreon program that keeps content and the site running! Patrons get first dibs on this content without ads from the website and directly to the media file, so you know they get the good bits ahead of everyone! Join now and you can be a Patron, too, over at my Patreon!


Terry Lovelock’s route was surprisingly fun and enjoyable. Though the sass made things awkward, he was a real charmer as we reached the end of the date. Makes me wonder if I’m just a sap, though.

Also, he looks like Troye Sivan as a blonde, and I know the guy was a brunette before, so maybe Obscurasoft predicted that? Who knows?

Terry Route UNDUCKED was a fun thing to record, and a bitch to edit for Youtube. So I made both versions available. Hopefully you all can appreciate it for what it is: a fun little route that YOU WISH WAS CANON!


What do you guys think? Would you date Terry? Or would it be too difficult? Personally, I don’t think I can handle being someone’s dirty secret but if we can steer their career to be closer to the truth, I’d be down. Also, about the fuckboy comment…

What about that Fuckboy Friend?

I had this old friend, super hot, who pulls me along all the time. But I learned he wasn’t worth it. I made more money here on Youtube and Patreon than his shitty online business. Can you believe the nerve of the guy asking me to run all of it? I’m the only employee apparently. So I dumped his ass.

Anyways, I hope you guys can support us on Patreon! I plan to do more for paying Patrons so they feel loved this Christmas. Click here to join. But it is not mandatory. Your love and support has helped me keep going. More than you think. As always, thanks for watching. Join me for more soon. My channel has some goodies to enjoy, too. Bye for now!

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