Coming Out On Top – Donovan UNDUCKED


Watch Angsty Teen Jason Voorhees Play Donovan UNDUCKED!

Hey guys! California Macky here. Hope you’re doing well! As promised, here is the Jason Plays: Coming Out on Top, Donovan UNDUCKED. Also, this is the Angsty Teen Jason Voorhees let’s play that was supposed to be out last Halloween but got delayed due to reasons with family and bad scheduling. What inspired me to do Angsty Teen Jason Voorhees was a discussion with me and my brother about how Jason would be if he were a teenager at camp. And seriously, we weren’t even drunk. We’re just that random. My brother and I would talk about ridiculous scenarios and videogames all the time. So I decided to make it somewhat a reality. My voice was still bad when I recorded this so I apologize for my really bad voice-acting. I had to use editing software to compensate. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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