5 Sterek Fanfics because VALENTINE’S DAY

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Sterek has always been one of my personal, favorite ships. The dynamic the fandom from Teen Wolf built up between Derek and Stiles was such gold that I felt it needed to be expanded upon. Sadly, the show did its actors injustice to an extent.

I now follow Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin seperately, and would love to see the two interact again. Something about the chemistry between the two sparked a fire in me, and I’m glad others found that as well.

I tried to list them off here in the video but let me get into it more elaborately on this post with some details on the story.


*NOTE*: TO READ THE STORIES, click on the Story’s Header/Title.

Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves (T)

This is a divergent approach to the Teen Wolf story, wherein Stiles is aware of werewolves and came into town much later than the show’s initial premise. This re-imagining is very well-written and crafted in a way wherein Stiles is the go-to guy for Derek’s pack. It also emphasizes Derek’s lack of trust and leadership skills in the show.

This is a good read for a purist looking for some flavor. It has no smut, it’s not explicit, but it makes your heart skip a beat, let’s just say.

Prince Among Wolves (T)

In this Sterek fic, babysitter Stiles in love with single father Derek Hale and his two werewolf kids. No omegaverse, just a very endearing story of Stiles helping a father understand his children and how to balance work and family. It tears at your heartstrings in the best ways and I highly recommend it to any Sterek fan.

Fuck Me In The Ass ‘Cuz I Love Jesus (M)

It’s a fun little sterek song fic which made me giggle. Not the longest work but it was a great quick read. Based on the song of the same name, you guys check it out and give me your thoughts. I have a bias towards this.

Indelible Marks (M)

This is basically a Sterek alternate universe (AU) where the Hale family survives the fire and Derek is an aspiring tattoo artist. Stiles is still in high school and only learns about the potential of his magic. It’s a great fic with a lot of love and work put into it, and one of the longest and most satisfying that I have ever read.

It has comedy, drama, romance (of course), a little bit of subtle smut, and lots and lots of character and world building to keep you invested. This happens in the same time period (modern America) so you don’t have to imagine too hard, and it is gracefully written. Absolute masterpiece.

Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie (Cheeseburger Baby) (T)

This is a short, quick read that will make you coo and giggle. Here, Derek is a fireman that keeps coming back to the same college dorm Stiles lives in. There’s some shenanigans and angst but it closes pretty nicely. You can even read it in the comfort of your bus ride or before bed. It’s wholesome and warm-hearted, like chocolate lava pie.


So there you have it! I technically made this video to pass the time while I work on the next episode of Camp Buddy, but I really did have fun. Sterek is, and will always be, one of my favorite ships.

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