Strange Flesh UNCENSORED


Ah, Strange FLesh UNCENSORED… You guys highly requested this game and patrons had a first look at the Let’s Play. Now you guys can get in on the action, too! Strange Flesh is an adult side-scrolling fighting game akin to the very classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I wasn’t sure how it would play out at first but boy did I enjoy it! Sadly, the game is not very Youtube-friendly so I had the file up on this website!

If you have any problems viewing the video, click here.

Strange Flesh surprised me not just with its distinct pornographic visual art style. But the gameplay mechanics had me hooked. I also expected this to be an easy ride, but little did I know, I was the one to be ridden hard!

The game promises challenge as you navigate the subconscious of a bar patron named Joe, through the avatar of the Bartender. The premise and story hooked me and the gameplay and underlying meaning of each delicious snipper pulled me in deeper.



I thoroughly recommend this game to anyone interested in playing it. As for all the endings, well, I’ll let you earn those yourself, but I’ll post a version for Youtube within the month. In the meantime, enjoy the raunchy mayhem! It is unashamed and unapologetic. It is WORTH playing, especially since it is free!

My only wish is that it had more content. But for a free game, this is a very elaborate set-up. I look forward to the future projects of thegreatestbear developers.

strange flesh uncensored

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