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Let’s Meat Adam is a game that will remind you of Danganronpa, with a mix of the reality gay dating show Fire Island. This is a hot and steamy mystery room murder mystery (quite the mouthful) wherein people get as horny as they are likely to die. This erotic bara thriller will leave you choking on for more!

I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the demo and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed.

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The Let’s MEAT Adam demo takes up a good chunk of the beginning of the game, setting up the premise. Locked mystery rooms are a great way to enjoy time exercising your brain and solving puzzles. Put a bunch of gay strangers in the room and watch as each room traps them in a snare that they must solve. I’ve played through the demo and I have to wonder: how do people fuck while in the constant threat of their lives? It’s just something we’ll have to figure out when we buy the game.

Art Style and Gameplay

With a sexy Western art style and some added mechanics of investigating aspects of a room, I would give this game high marks for how it chooses to not only diversify its mechanics but its characters, as well. This kind of extra mile and vulnerability ais what I am looking for! And the story so far is well-written. You can expect a full playthrough of the game later this year on my channel (once I sort stuff out).

lets meat adam poster

Let’s Meat Adam Official Poster

You can also expect a lot of hot scenes. it was censored in the demo, but I understand (and highly appreciate) why. This game is a perfect deal compared to some of the other games out there, and the production quality is PERFECT.

Sound Design

The game has its own custom soundtrack that you can easily bop to. And the execution of sound cues is on point! Whoever did this knew how to give the game its own parsonality. The best part is that it’s not grating. However, there were lulls in the background music in the demo I played. That could use some work.

Grab the demo or buy it for yourselves! Only $5 USD for the full game (as of April 2018).



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