Carlos Agassi Shower Scandal | Nudity Warning

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Carlos Agassi Shower Scandal | Nudity Warning

Filipino actor, model, and living wet dream Carlos Agassi has a bit of an alleged shower scandal. The Carlos Agassi Shower Scandal had circulated a bit earlier this year when I discovered it for the first time. And hell yes, I wanted a copy! But real or fake, the fantasy of this gorgeous stud cleaning his pipe just for you is too hot to ignore!

WARNING: This is a real live person ejaculating in a shower. Viewer discretion advised. If you prefer anime boys, just visit my Yaoi section. Or see my Bara section for muscular anime men fucking other muscular anime men.

What do you think?

Carlos Agassi may be a spotlight for scandal lately, but the guy’s hot. Ridiculously so. And stupidly handsome. So unless he does something really atrocious, I wouldn’t exactly say no to supporting his work. He’s a pretty decent actor and great eye-candy.

Of course, I might be just horny.

carlos agassi nude naked

Whether this is real or not is beyond me. This could be from a very horny youth of his or from a look-alike. The camera is good enough to capture his dick but bad enough to leave most details of the masturbator’s face out of the way. But I don’t mind the angle. it really makes you feel like you’re there with him. It’s like he’s dragging your face all over his body, shooting his jizz all over you. You can almost imagine the steam from his gorgeous chest.

But what do you think? Shit or legit? Let me know in the comments below!

This Carlos Agassi Scandal was brought to you by the alter scene in Twitter. Just look up #alterph or #alterCebu or even #jakol and you’ll see horny Filipinos with blurred faces expressing their sexuality to the fullest.

Restraint breeds thirst, I say. The more conservative a people are, the wilder their… passions. But then again, this masturbation scandal is pretty tame compared to what people get into.

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