Camp Buddy Demo | First Impressions

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Camp Buddy Demo | First Impressions

Let’s go Camping at the Camp Buddy Demo!

Camp Buddy is a boys’ love dating sim visual novel that follows our protagonist Keitaro as he captures his best summer ever at a camp trip! He goes with his best friend Hiro and meets a plethora of other characters that make up the camp. In the Camp Buddy demo, it shows you can date the wild boy Yoichi, the timid and shy Hunter, the responsible and caring Natsumi, and so many others!

Their campaign was a success, which you can find at their Patreon, along with a download demo of their game, which is projected to be released within this summer, if not this year.

But is the Camp Buddy Demo any good? Find out in my Let’s Play and Review below!

[td_block_video_youtube playlist_title=”Camp Buddy Demo Let’s Play” playlist_yt=”dpmhdUjcpYs,f1m0Tjbz_do,Bm7AGdaGoYI,l7gVgH5kZBo” playlist_auto_play=”0″]

Graphics (Art Style and UI)

Already, the game is pretty decent with its UI. Despite playing two iterations of the game, the UI was easy enough to use. In fact, when the 2.0 demo came in, this interface was updated and made much more unique inside the RenPy engine, which is pretty impressive on its own. It even has custom animations for day to night transitions. It is a lot of detail and very much appreciated.

The art style is anime bara shonen so you know you’ll be in for some… young boys falling in love. Yeah, let’s leave it at that. Everything, I must remark, is of mikkoukun’s style so the art and character design is not just proportional; it’s pleasing to the eye, too. The emotes and little intricacies with each character match their backstory and personality, too. And speaking of character design…

Story and Writing

The story and writing is pretty great! Characters are not just literate but fleshed out, and that’s just from the demo. I love how each character has a contrasting personality that accompanies the people they’re around. The story doesn’t jump from place to place, either. I must say that these twinks are lovable. Our… main cast of twinks anyway. The written antagonists are interesting but haven’t been exposed on me enough tog et a proper read of I like ’em or hate ’em.

And Yuri is by far my favorite if not Aiden. They’re too fun to ignore and I look forward tot heir shenanigans around camp.

Voice Acting and Sound Design

Voice Acting is top notch. I have to give props to the Yuri voice actress. She did her job perfectly. Maybe too perfectly. Honey, how much did you enjoy your scenes?

But each character had a unique voice actor and was never grating to listen to. It was such an amazing thing to witness with my own ears that I’m still somewhat baffled by how well everything was organized.

Music was pretty good, too. It didn’t go on and on in an annoying manner. It was great background music that didn’t distract or deter from the experience.


Gameplay for the Camp Buddy Demo is easy enough to follow. Typical dating sim situation based on the demo so you select choices. If they ever plan to put in mini-games to break the monotony, I hope it isn’t something that’s too… well, difficult to deal with. It’s a hard thing to master, at times. Mini-games can sometimes make or break a game so I’m 50-50 on putting one in here.

Uncensored Let’s Play

Oh yeah, can’t forget the uncensored bits. Here ya go! No ducks, all glory!

Final Verdict

This game is a must-have and you should get it. Camp Buddy’s Demo promises a very worthwhile dating sim with fun moments and lovable characters. Oh, and smut. lots and lots of smut.



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