The Original Sleep Over Masterlist

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Many eons ago, Nico and I used to try to collab as much as we could. It was a hit on Youtube. Sadly, it ahd to go because Youtube was demonetizing most if not all of my shit.

So, I thought I lost the video files, but scrounging through my old laptop, I found the old vids just sitting there. So I uploaded them to a cloud and now they’re ready for viewing.

Ladies and gentlemen, the series that started it all! Sleepover by Black Monkey Pro! (before they closed)
Note of warning: I edited these videos for youtube before having Unducked vids around so these are censored to hell and back.

But the mayhem is worth it.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4 (FINALE)


This was the series that jet-setted my career into Let’s Plays, and admittedly I have some fond memories of this. I miss hanging out with people in person, especially like-minded ones that won’t mind me playing this with them. I miss people chill enough to enjoy gay games with me.

With things the way they are right now outside, it can be hard to stay positive. But I hope this little tidbit makes your lives a little happier. ?

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  1. anonymous

    can you post a link for downloading??

  2. Joshua Chen

    This game looks soooo good!!
    Where can I buy this game or download?
    Tell me plzzzzzz


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