Full Service Game MASTERLIST and Review

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Full Service Game is finally here!

After a year (or two) the game is finally released in Full! Full Service Game is finally out on itch.io. Full Service game is a game where you try to achieve work-life balance in the city of Morningwood (yes, they went there).

This will list the Masterlist for the game, available to regular viewers and Premium Macky Rolls (Patrons on Patreon). Patreon viewers will have access to their own ad-free system where they can enjoy the content ahead of time (link coming soon).

And yes, I got to posting this late and playing the game alter than most. Don’t grill me. Life is hell, but pleasure is pain.

Rald Route – Part 01


Rald Route – Part 02 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 03 UNDUCKED

About the mentioned Patreon sales tax at Part 03, here is the link.

Rald Route – Part 04 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 05 UNDUCKED


Rald Route – Part 06 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 07 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 08 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 09 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 10 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 11 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 12 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 13 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 14 UNDUCKED

Rald Route – Part 15 UNDUCKED – FINALE

Personal thoughts:

As of ver1.0: I was hoping to interact with the non-regular NPC’s earlier but it seems actions and conditions must be met. Otherwise, going out with the main cast is pretty yum. Also, there is a discrepancy in the volume of the English voice pack compared to the Japanese one. I hope they have this fixed in later iterations. I only have the 1.0 version so this fix seems likely.

Edit: There was an update that FIXED THE VOICE LEVELS! Now I can enjoy their voices in English at FULL VOLUME HUEHUEHEHEHEHE

Japanese voice-acting is SO DAMN GOOD OH MY GOD SOMEONE PINCH ME. And so far, I was surprised by the new additions to the game vs what I saw in the demo, which is excellent.

Finale thoughts: I’m enamored with the Rald ending, but I must also cover some of the others. But I gotta say they knocked it right out of the park with this entry. I’m curious if we can get more series like this but I’m excited to explore the game on my own time as well as share it with all of you! 😁

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