Romantic Lesbian Monsters! Loan Wolf


Loan Wolf – A Classic, Wholesome Monster Romance!

Team Rumblebee, a developer of queer-friendly games, developed some time ago a lesbian-friendly game called “Loan Wolf”. It’s a cute little game wherein you play as a werewolf working a desk job for a loaning firm and going through everyday life as an adult. It’s an adorable and interesting premise to target. And the banter between characters definitely feel much more natural than some of the games you may chance upon.

Beware, Spoilers BELOW (My Let’s P lays)!

Episode 1 – Date with Daphne Episode 2 – Date with Vicky   I’ve done a Let’s Play of the game ages before and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I would recommend the game since it’s short but sweet. It’s also got a great sense of pacing. Art-wise, it’s gorgeous. The feel of the watercolor-like artwork leaves you refreshed. The style itself is also a breath of fresh air (And yes, I admit I may be aprt of the few who are exasperated with an ‘anime’ aesthetic’). The choice of music is also a nice touch. The game’s soundtrack doesn’t overpower the tender moments and even has some considerate care in timing. As a game jam game, there isn’t any voice overs to note, but you can feel the love put into each detail of this game. And the personalities don’t feel forced (at least, to me). For something made for a Yuri Game Jam, it’s a nice little game to enjoy yourself with. Team Rumblebee can be found on their Tumblr profile  as well as on Twitter (@teamrumblebee) and Check out some of our other Let’s Plays and Reviews! We cover a bunch of queer content for your viewing pleasure. As a community, finding stuff we relate to can be a challenge. That is what this site hopes to help in. If you would like to see me cover more games, make sure to support us on Patreon! It helps us keep the site going and making new content!
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