Kovit Unducked, Full Service Game Route

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Kovit Unducked, Full Service Game Route

This is Kovit Unducked! But before that, might I have a few words with you guys?

What’s Going On?

You are all aware of how I had to deal with Youtube lately. It has been the biggest challenge so far, and I fear that I am coming to the end of my time. (shameless We Happy Few reference)

So what am I doing about it? Well, I’m hosting Let’s Play content here in my website, so I’m working on uploading everything here. Everything. Every little Let’s Play will be featured here once I’m done. I will be coordinating with my web dev regarding transferring the files and making this place my second home. Kovit Unducked will be but one of many files I will start presenting here.

Patrons at Patreon get first dibs on the content I make. Not as posts but as direct links to videos. You guys will be updated as soon as I compile the newsletter, but regular visits work too. I’m sorry that it has come to this, but I am at a loss for what to do. I am grasping at straws.

For the meantime, just enjoy what we have. While it lasts. Kovit Unducked will be here until the website is down. In the meantime. We might have come to the end of our time. But I refuse to go down without a fight.

Kovit Part 2, Unducked and Uncensored

How do I support you?

Continued support for my content helps, but I’ll appreciate any donations via Ko-Fi or Paypal as well. You are not obligated to, but it helps. I have been a broke student, too, so I know how hard it is to have your own money. So DO NOT PRESSURE YOURSELVES TO DONATE TO ME PLEASE. You have to be comfortable to spend on things you want. If you aren’t, that’s not a good idea. So do not force yourselves.


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